A Sudden Day Off

I spent most of this Friday sleeping and relaxing not because I'm basically a lazy person but because I've been sick for few days. This morning, my mom (Japanese mom, I mean) called me on the phone and made me go to see a doctor even though I said I had work from noon. Mom was right. After a few minutes, it became so hard and painful for me to talk. So I walked to the nearest doctor and got lots of medicines (the doctor said that I had tonsillitis). On my way home, I bumped into my boss since the clinic was very close to where I work. I told him I wouldn't be able to come today and would be back after a few days.
The funny thing was, I didn't know what to do at home other than sleeping cos I rarely have a day off. Especially for the past 3 months, I only had 2 days that I could sleep as long as I wanted and could stay idle. That's why I had no idea what I should do. LOL So I slept all the afternoon and woke up after the sun said goodbye.
Mmm... I must say this kinda day isn't that bad:) I feel so refreshed though I'm still sick. People need to be lazy sometimes, huh? OK I'll quit before I become a real lazy, idle, boring me! HAHAHA
Kisses & hugs, Chie


Renewal! Starting Again:)

Hello, my dear readers:D It's been weeks (or let's say months) since I wrote last time. I've always been thinking, "Oh, I should write something!" but I couldn't with no reason (so don't ask me why). HEHEHE Today, I'm restarting my blog and will write as much as I can:) There would be really tiny things, boring diaries, or emotional stories cos I'm just an ordinary girl of 21. Anyway I hope you like them:D LOL
P.S. I deleted my older posts to make my blog fresh and clean:)
放置に放置を重ねて、数ヶ月経ってしまいました。「何か書きたいな~書かなくちゃな~」と思いながらも、結局書かず…^^;でもblogは続けたいっていう気持ちはあったので、 今までの記事を削除して心機一転(?)今日から書き始めることにしました!大したことは書けないですし、脳内が多言語でぐちゃぐちゃなので英語と日本語(もしかしたら他の言語も!?)混ぜて書いてしまいますが、お付き合いいただければと思います♪というか、そもそもどれくらいの方が読んでくださっているのかナゾ!!LOLまぁ、再びよろしくお願いします^^
Kisses & hugs, Chie