Can't Do Without It

In the past few days, I learned one thing which is kinda funny but important. Last Wednesday, I left my perfume bottle at the place where I had bellydance performance with my friends. Next morning, when I realized that I left it there, I was devastated (I'm not exaggerating!). I was literally freaked out and called the bar manager right away. He told me that he was keeping my perfume and I could come to get it anytime. I was almost crying cos my perfume was not sold in Japan except at some duty free shops in airports (and I had no plan to go abroad this summer).
Now I know that I can't live without my favorite perfume. It's not because I myself smell bad (HAHAHA If so, I must apologize:D) but because my perfume is a part of me. I've been wearing perfume since 8th grade and been wearing the same one since 11th grade, for like 3-4 years. So, wearing my favorite scent is my daily routine and indispensable to my life. I feel happy when I filled with my perfume every morning:)

BTW, 3 best perfumes of my life are...
"Very Irresistible Givenchy sensual EDP" (Givenchy)
"Romance" (Ralph Lauren)
"Couture Couture" (Juicy Couture) 

Givenchy one is the best of my top 3. I'm sure that I love this one even when I become 60 or so:D

Kisses & hugs, Chie



8月15日公開予定のインド映画"Ek Ta Tiger"中に使われている"Mashallah"という曲が、ベリーダンスに使われるようなアラブ音楽とインド音楽を合わせたような感じでとってもおもしろいです♪You Tubeでインド映画の音楽をシャッフルして流してた時、アコーディオンとかタブラとかすごく誘われる音が聴こえてくる~!と思ったらこれでした^^歌詞もかなーりウルドゥー語ですね(よね?)
"Ek Ta Tiger"は、少し前までプライベートで交際していたSalman KhanとKatrina Kaifが出演しているアクション・ロマンス映画で、ダブリン、イスタンブルetc...など世界のさまざまな都市が出てきます(インド映画の場合、風景の似た別の国や地域のロケ地で撮影することもあるのでなんとも言えませんが;;)私は典型的なラブコメが好きなので、あーんまり観たいとは思っていないですが、曲は好きですLOLそういえば、Katrinaはダンスレッスンの一環でベリーダンスをやっているみたいです。彼女のダンスはほんの少しだけど、ベリーダンスっぽい!下に動画貼ったので、よかったら見て下さい。

Kisses & hugs, Chie